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Our Savings Accounts

  • Every member of the society must contribute shares on a monthly basis of kshs 500/-.
  • The minimum share contribution is prescribed in the By-law but shall be reviewed from time to time.
  • The nominal value of each share shall be Kshs.20 each and every member shall hold at least 500 shares in the Society.
  • No member shall hold more than 1/5 of the total shares capital of the Society.
  • These shares are not withdrawable and cannot be used to offset a loan however they are transferable to another member on exist.

  • Any amount may be accepted towards the deposits provided that the General meeting may fix a minimum amount that may be paid in by a member at any one time.
  • No member shall be permitted to reduce his deposits in the Society.
  • The deposits contributed shall allow the member to acquire loans. 
  • Monthly deposits contributions are currently being graduated as per normal loan taken by each member.
  • minimum monthly contribution is kshs 2000/-