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Membership Qualification / Eligibility

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A person of either gender shall be eligible for membership of the Society who possesses the following qualifications:

  • Original members, who signed the application for registration.
  • New members subsequently admitted in accordance with the Sauti Sacco by-laws.
  • Is not below 18 years.
  • Is of good character and sound mind
  • Pay the entrance fee, minimum share capital and monthly minimum deposits as prescribed in the Sacco By-laws

Admission into Membership


Application Form

Every applicant for membership shall complete an “Application for Membership” form. This form shall be drawn to show all the information required for the purpose of registration of members.



An applicant shall be admitted to membership on application upon payment of an entrance fee of Kshs 500, purchase 150 minimum shares of Kshs 20 and monthly deposits as shall be fixed by the General Meeting from time to time.


Membership Number

Upon admission, the member’s name shall be entered in the membership register and a membership number issued.



Members shall be admitted by the Central Management Committee subject to confirmation by the next meeting.



The member shall furnish the Society with one passport size photo and a copy of his/her national identity card.



The member shall pay for a copy of the Society’s By-law at its actual cost to the society.